VAST Details

VAST Course

A three-day program reflecting practice at the district hospital in a low-resource setting. Predominantly using simulation, the course centres on anaesthesia and resuscitation for obstetrics, paediatrics and trauma as well as safe general surgery, pre- and post-operative care, with an underlining focus on non-technical skills. Targeted case-based discussions and skills stations further explore non-technical skills, trauma primary survey, difficult airway management, neonatal resuscitation, pain management and complex decision making. The Course can accommodate learners from anaesthesia, nursing, surgery and medical backgrounds. If you are interested in more information or in assistance with running a VAST Course, we encourage you to contact us.

VAST Facilitator Course

The VAST Facilitator Course is conducted immediately following a VAST Course. Over the two-day Facilitator Course, trainee-facilitators are walked through the principles behind simulation methodology used in VAST, familiarised equipment and the mechanics of facilitating and debriefing simulation scenarios. There is also opportunity to design and test new simulation scenarios. Trainee-facilitators are then mentored towards independent facilitation on subsequent courses. In building the VAST Network of local facilitators, the goal is to handover ownership of course delivery and more broadly, build capacity for simulation based education.