Watch this space – VAST 2019

With 2018 behind us, it is with great excitement that the VAST team are looking forward to the opportunities and challenges that 2019 will present:

VAST Rwanda:

  • Non-technical skills study: With the support of a Dalhousie University research grantwe have been studying the impact of the course on non-technical skills. The initial measurements were made in August and September during the first four VAST Courses. We are currently inviting course participants back for a refresher course and to complete final performance measurements. We eagerly look forward to being able to synthesise the results from the trial.
  • Follow the exploits of Dr Livingston and her team of volunteers at
  • VAST Simulation curriculum: The current Global Health Fellow at Dalhousie University (Dr Dave Rawson) is working closely with Dr Livingston and colleagues in Rwanda to develop a year-long simulation curriculum for first year anaesthesia trainees. The curriculum is an extrapolation of the VAST Course and utilises consistent principles of simulation-based education.

VAST expansion:

  • We are thrilled at the opportunity to potentially deliver VAST across a range of new settings during 2019
  • Current sites in the planning stages of delivery include Ethiopia, India, Fiji, Tanzania, Yukon
  • Stay tuned for updates as they unfold.