VAST v1.0 – Coming soon, to a simulated operating theatre near you!

A lot has happened since the pilot VAST Courses earlier this year…

Some significant changes have been made to the Course and its associated Facilitator Course, stemming from facilitator reflections and participant feedback on the pilots. VAST v1.0 is now ready for delivery, with its associated Facilitator Course revamped and to be delivered over 2 days.

The VAST research team, which includes members from the Dalhousie University and the University of Rwanda, has been successful in their application for a Dalhousie Anaesthesia research grant. An evaluation into VAST’s ability to improve anaesthesia providers’ non-technical skills and the degree to which that improvement can be sustained over time will be conducted over several months in Rwanda during 2018/19.

Four VAST Courses are planned for Rwanda over August / September, with two associated Facilitator Courses. We can’t wait to deliver VAST v1.0 and further build the VAST Network of simulation facilitators. Early planning is also underway for Course delivery in underserved areas of Canada. We have been spreading the word, giving presentations at the Bethune Roundtable in Toronto as well as at the Global Health Discussion Series and Department of Anaesthesia grand-rounds in Halifax.

One year ago, VAST was pre-conceptual. Now, the Course is fully developed, has undergone refinement and is ready for widespread dissemination. A huge thank you to everyone that has been involved in the project to date. The support, encouragement and wisdom of innumerable people have been instrumental in shaping VAST into what it is. The future is bright – June 2018