VAST hits the road

VAST v1.0 is about to launch…first stop is Nyagatare District, Rwanda. Thanks to a research grant from Dalhousie University, we have some shiny new equipment and an all-star team ready to deliver VAST Courses over the next two weeks.

The Nyagatare courses will be followed up by VAST Butare, mid-way through September.

There will be more to follow, with some of the team’s reflections on the Courses as they unfold. A massive thankyou to all that have helped with getting this over the line.

Associated with these upcoming courses, we are extremely excited to be formally evaluating VAST’s impact on anaesthetists non-technical skills (ANTS). Assessment of ANTS will be made pre- and post-Course as well as repeat assessment at 4-6 months following the Course. To our knowledge, this will be the first attempt to assess the non-technical skills retention following a training initiative in a low-resource setting.

Best of luck to the research team.